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Is your service running slow or are you not able to connect to the Internet? 


Here are a few basic steps that will usually get you back up to speed and/or on line.


First step is to connect your device directly to the Wysper Modem.  This is typically is a White or Black device in your house that is connected to your satellite radio that we installed.  This device is located at your DEMARC (where our cables are located inside).

When connected to the Wysper Modem, go to the following website:

Click on the "Change Server" button



Click on Mobile, AL Southern Light



Hit "Go"

Copy the URL link and email it to:



If your speed’s are in-line with the service that you selected, , e.g., 30M download, then follow the steps below.  The problem is within you wireless network.

Please note:  If you still are not able to connect even by plugging your computer or laptop directly to the Wysper modem, then please send us an email ASAP with your account name.


Trouble Shooting Steps (after you completed the "" steps above)


Typically, the issue is internal and it can be resolved with a few basic steps:

Wireless Routers and switches

Wireless routers and switches from time to time will also need to be power cycled. You can either unplug the power adapter that is plugged into an electrical outlet or unplug the power cable from the back of the router.

When removing the power source, you should see all the lights turn off on the network device. Wait 30 seconds, plug the router back in, and check on your service.

Power cycle the Ubiquiti device

Power cycling is simply powering down a network device and powering it back up.
To power cycle the Ubiquiti you will need to find the power adapter that plugs into an electrical outlet.

Once you find this power adapter, unplug the power supply, wait 30 seconds, then plug it back in.

  1. Reboot your computer

  2. Release and Reassign Your IP Address

Here are the steps based on your OS (Operating System)

Windows Vista/Windows 7
   1. Click Start and then click All Programs
   2. Click Accessories
   3. Right click on Command Prompt
   4. Select Run as Administrator
   5. Type ipconfig/release and then click Enter
   6. Then type in ipconfig/renew

Windows XP/2000
   1. Click the Start menu in the lower left-hand corner of the screen and click Run
   2. In the space provided, type ipconfig/release and click ok
      Note: There is a space between ipconfig and /release

Mac OS 10.x
   1. Close any open Internet applications (Web browsers, email, etc.)
   2. Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu
   3. Choose Network from the View menu
   4. Choose Active Network Ports from the Show menu
   5. Deselect the on-check box for the port you use to connect to the Internet (Built-in Ethernet, Airport, etc.)
   6. Click Apply Now


Windows 10

   1. Close any open Internet applications (Web browsers, email, etc.)
   2. Click the search Icon which is located to the right of the Windows icon  
   4. Type CMD and press enter

   5.  Then type in ipconfig/renew and hit enter

Still Offline?

We’re sorry about that. 

If we see through our system that the service is working, and you attempt the steps above without success, we can help you trouble shoot your equipment further.

Contact our tech support at and one of our technicians contact you to  assist.


If it is determined that the service problem is not with Wysper, LLC equipment, a charge rate of $85.00 per hour (billed in ½ hour increments with a minimum 1 hour) for diagnostics and repairs will be assessed if the customer wishes to have an Wysper, LLC Technical repair the non-Wysper, LLC related problem.  The cost of any additional or replacement equipment (connectors, cables, etc.) will be estimated before the repair is started.

Wysper Equipment replacement that is required due to customer negligence (including accident, negligence, removal or vandalism) will be at the expense of the customer.  In cases where theft and/or vandalism can be proven, Wysper, LLC reserves the right to pursue arrest and conviction of those responsible for act/s and to recover damages from the responsible parties. If equipment fails thru normal conditions, Wysper, LLC will repair or replace any/all equipment damaged by such instance.

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