Wysper stayed connected through Hurricane Nate! Did your ISP?

In this hyper-connected world, when Wi-Fi is down, so is commerce for residents and businesses who rely on connectivity to get work done, among other things.

When you have household of kids, they can easily get bored when everyone is hunkered down during a storm, especially when you lose Internet service.

Many customers in Baldwin County experienced prolonged outages with the big box carriers in the area during Hurricane Nate.

Even though the impact of Hurricane Nate was not as severe as expected, many lost Internet despite not losing power.

Customers were also not given any specifics about the extent of the outages or when they might see services restored from these large, traditional carriers.

Wysper customers did not lose connectivity. Our wireless solution and our trusted vendors afford our subscribers with a service that rarely has down time.

Wireless Internet is surging quickly. The fixed wireless broadband industry is projected to nearly double subscribers from more than 5 million at the end of 2017 to 8 million by 2021.

Unfortunately, since we are a local owned, operated and self -funded start-up, our expansion throughout the county is gradual, but as we add new subscribers, it will accelerate our reach in Baldwin County.

If you can see one of our two cell towers, we can provide you with our service.

In Robertsdale, our tower is located directly behind the County Annex building to the west. If you are located east of the tower and can see it, you are in our coverage area.

Our Foley tower is located due north of the OWA Amusement and Entertainment Park. If you can see this tower, you are in our service area.

Please go to our website. On the main page, scroll down and input your contact info, a representative will personally contact you.

Even if you are currently not in our service footprint, please provide your contact info so we can update you as we expand our services throughout the county.

Be head of the curve, and jump on the Wireless Internet wave!






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