Are ISP's burying cable that you will never use?

Another reason to consider a WISP! Today, while we were installing service for a residential client, we came across a cable company that was burying cable (or should I say digging, cutting water lines, destroying landscape, etc...) at a residence that did not even order this cable provider's service.

That's right...these traditional internet and cable TV providers have ROW (Right of Way) rights to destroy your lawn and bury cable even if you are not subscribing to their service!

Notice that one of the residents just welcomed home a new addition to their family with the Baby Blue balloons.

With a Wireless Internet Service Provider, your yard will never have to endure this "land dredging". By the looks this cable burying job, something went awfully awry.

Consider getting your internet from a WISP.

To learn more, visit and Connect to a Better Experience!

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