5G or Creative Marketing?

There are major carriers claiming that they now are offering 5G.

5G simply stands for fifth generation and refers to the next and newest mobile wireless standard based on the IEEE 802.11ac standard of broadband technology, although a formal standard for 5G is yet to be set. Simply put, 5G is not here...yet.

Carriers are simply just re-branding their 4G offering in a desperate attempt to be innovative and claim to be the first to do so.

These improved LTE 4G services are not new by any stretch. This is a marketing ploy from some of the big box carriers to confuse customers into believing it to be something ground-breaking

T-Mobile’s CTO had a little fun on Twitter jabbing at one of their competitors:

“So I’m very, very proud to announce @TMobile "7G Eventual" – very exciting, already existing technology”

To join in the fun, Wysper has announced plans to launch our new "11G Ultimate". Here is one potential marketing campaign:

Wysper uses 5G, but ours in on the 5G ghz spectrum which allows for faster bandwidth options.

To learn more about our Fixed Wireless product (which is legit), visit us at www.wysper.net

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