Bury the Cable? No,"Cut the Cord"!

Just imagine, you arrive home at the end of the day and you discover a cable snaking across your yard. The cable treks its way to the side of your neighbor’s house. Guess what? It’s not your neighbors fault. The fault lies with the traditional internet service provider.

In this case, the cable you see in this picture has been lying on top of the ground for over two weeks...across two yards...

Hopefully, a lawn mower will not find it before it's buried (By the way, that's not what we mean by "Cutting the Cord")

When the 3rd party contractor comes to bury the cable weeks later, let's hope they will bury it the required depth. Oh yeah - make sure that you are home when that cable is being buried. You will need to show them where "your" sprinkler system lines are.

Trust me, you will not be notified when a contractor comes to bury your neighbors cable.

This is just another example why you should “Cut the Cord”.

Consider getting your internet service from a WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider). Not only will you have to wait several weeks for the traditional service provider to bury your cable, you will not be held hostage on how you watch TV and listen to music.

Let Wysper show you how to “Cut the Cord”! We are now serving Robertsdale and Foley with plans to cover more of Baldwin County soon!

Visit www.wysper.net to learn more. You can also call us at 251.706.2922

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